Stunning Bridal Hairstyles for the Winter Wedding

Say "I do" to one of our whimsical winter wedding hairstyles. The elegance of each look was inspired by traditional and modern hairpieces that sparkle like newly fallen snow. Your hairstyle will be as timeless as your wedding day.

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Mom Entrepreneur: Kids Organic

At zulily, we are always looking for inspirational and entrepreneurial stories about some of the amazing brands sold on our site came to be. Read below for an inside scoop on how mom and aspiring fashion designer Revi Schlesginer, along with her husband, created Kids Organic. Their company creates comfy, sweet and long-lasting practical baby clothing with a focus on organic, irresistibly soft creations. 

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Maternity Fashion: Keep Your Fashionista Style

We are wrapping up our series of zulily's Maternity Fashion Week events and blogs with a post on Fashionista Style. Once again we've enlisted the help of  our trusty Maternity Fashion Expert, Robin Otto. Find out what Robin has to say about must-have products and effortless style ideas for those who fancy themselves a Flawless Fashionista

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Maternity Fashion: Keep Your Preppy Style

As part of our event and blog series celebrating zulily's Maternity Fashion Week, we turn again to our in-house trusty Maternity Fashion Expert, Robin Otto. Yesterday we featured a post on Boho Style, but perhaps you prefer to look Perfectly Preppy. Here is what Robin had to say about must-have products and effortless style ideas you'll need to know!

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Maternity Fashion: Keep Your Boho Style

We are celebrating zulily's Maternity Fashion Week with a series of events and blogs over the next few days to help women keep their unique style from bump to baby. For the best tips and tricks to transition your favorite looks, we turned to our trusty in-house Maternity Fashion Expert, Robin Otto. Do you fancy yourself a Boho Beauty? Here is what Robin had to say about must-have products and effortless style ideas for this look...

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How To Pick the Perfect Down Bedding

Are you thinking about finding the right comforter for the chilly months ahead? We’ve all had that feeling of waking up, and being so comfortable it’s hard to get out of bed. Finding the right comforter to create a luxurious sleep experience can be fraught with many options. Read our tips to choose the perfect bedding. When you’re done, you might not want to leave your bed in the morning!

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A Body-Positive Style Guide from Head to Toe

Body confidence comes when you wear clothing that makes you feel like the most authentic you. That’s why we designed a style guide to help show off your favorite features this fall with zulily’s go-to Women’s Trend Expert Lizzie Parker. Continue reading 

Bringing Nina’s World to Life: Sprout Art Director Q&A

Ever wondered what the life of a professional television artist would be like? We had the chance to chat with Natasha Sasic, the Art Director for Sprout's new original series premiering this month - Nina's World! Natasha and her team use both color and creativity to illustrate Nina, a curious 6-year old girl, and Star, her beloved huggable pillow! She brings to life these wonderful characters on their daily excursions around the neighborhood - celebrating family, community, diversity and wonder. Read on for an exclusive peek into both her exciting career and daily journey creating Nina's vibrant and adventure-filled world! Continue reading 

Shoes for Every Dress and Skirt

The perfect dress deserves the perfect shoes. From maxi to mini, we'll show you how to create either a dressy or casual look, just by picking the right shoe.
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6 After School Activities and Clubs Your Kids Will Love

The hours after the last bell rings are prime time for your kids to develop new interests, meet friends and learn. Here’s a list of a some of our favorite after school activities and tips on how to get your kids involved. Continue reading 

Q&A with Jenny from

Everyone knows a picky eater or two. Jenny Flake from started her blog during her quest to find foods that her kids would eat that were also easy to make. A few years later, she’s gained over 250,000 Facebook fans who love her crowd-pleasing recipes.

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Top TOMS Bought by zulily Moms

No matter where they are from, our shoppers love their TOMS! Get a sneak-peak from East to West on which TOMS topped the charts.*

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Q&A with Kristine from

Kristine Fretwell has always been into healthy living. Even before she started she was creating simple and healthy recipes and workout routines. For the past six years, she has been inspiring busy parents and adults to improve their health with their limited free time. Knowing how busy she is, we were excited that she could find the time to answer a few of our questions.

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Q&A with Lauren from

How do you get out of $40,000 worth of debt in just three years? If you’re Lauren Greutman from, you start by completely rethinking the way you budget your money. After months of successfully feeding her family on a tight budget, she started helping her friends learn how to save money, teaching seminars and building an online reputation as a family budgeting expert.

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Q&A with Scarlet from

When Scarlet Paolicchi had her first child, she knew she wanted to become a stay-at-home mom. She started both as a creative outlet and as a way to work around her children’s schedules. Since then, she has gained over 80,000 Twitter followers and has won awards for her website. Read on to learn more about Scarlet, her family and her blog.

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Q&A with Lindsay from

For five years, Lindsay Ostrom from taught fourth graders how to read and write by day and taught her blog readers how to make incredible recipes by night. She has since graduated to the life of a full-time blogger, released a food photography book, built a teaching resource for bloggers and much more. She recently took the time to chat with us about recipes, food processors and what kind of blogs she likes to read.

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Hello, Beautiful: Empowering Real Women to Model

We're all about embracing individuality and authentic beauty, and those values extend to the engaging images featured on our website every day. Read on to find out more about the fun, empowering process of modeling for zulily—and discover how you can get involved!

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Breastfeeding Tips & Ideas From Your Favorite Bloggers

At zulily, we support a mother’s choice to choose how she nurses her child. For some women, bottle feeding is the best option, while others decide to breastfeed. We recently talked with some women who have shared experiences on their blogs. They gave us some breastfeeding tips and ideas for women who have chosen to or are thinking about breastfeeding their children. Continue reading 

Baby Shoe Essentials Your Registry Needs

Creating a baby registry can be a lot of fun. In addition to diapers, bodysuits and bottles, you get to choose some truly adorable clothes and accessories for your baby’s first 12 months. Our favorite accessory for babies may also be one of the cutest items around — the baby shoe. Check out our picks for essential baby shoes for your registry. Continue reading 

Fall Style Tips From Your Favorite Fashion Blogs

The end of the summer is always bittersweet, but we’re looking forward to this year’s fall fashion trends. We chatted with a few of our favorite fashion bloggers for some fall style inspiration. Check out what Cee from Coco & Vera and Jalynn from Red Closet Diary had to say about transitioning your wardrobe to fall, wearing white after Labor Day and more.

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