After making it through the initial anxiety of leaving your family for a whole night, you enter into a world where there is no bedtime, no limit to the amount of popcorn and Pringles you can consume, and no end to the hysteric giggling. Slumber parties are pretty much the best part about being a kid. Whether it’s getting the family together for a living room sleep-out or having girlfriends over for pampering and a chick flick, these picks will help create the perfect magical night.

Have a primp and pamper party with these delights.

Bring the magic of movies into playtime with this make-believe Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book.


Whether wrangling stallions in the Wild West or opening off-limits doors to the land of monsters, there’s an array of slipper selections to help set the stage.


And Help little ones get in the movie mood with supersoft superhero character-inspired pjs.

Build a nest in the living room with cuddle-worthy sleeping bags, blankets and more.


Snuggle up in intimate fashion inside this Monster University-themed tent of dreams.

And when it’s all over, don’t forget to tuck them in and turn on a warm-glowing night light for sweet dreams.