Maternity FashionTo celebrate Maternity Fashion Week here at zulily, we’re throwing a fashion-forward Twitter Chat this Friday and inviting a coveted panel of experts to answer all your burning style questions. Joining us will be zulily maternity apparel buyer Robin Propst (@zulily), maternity clothing designer and TV personality Rosie Pope (also tweeting from @zulily), American Baby magazine editor Jessica Hartshorn (@americanbabymag) and Hollywood Hot Moms co-founder Natalie Klein (@HollywoodHotMom). To make things extra sweet, we’re also giving away a $50 zulily gift card to one lucky Twitter Chat participant!

The live question and answer session is taking place on Twitter Friday, March 1 from 12 to 1 p.m. EST, so be sure to bring your burning 140-character fashion and style questions, comments and insights to our #zulilymaternitystyle chat. Whether you’re curious about what to wear in your third trimester or which children’s clothing pieces to invest in, our experts are here to help! 

About Robin Propst: Robin Propst is zulily’s maternity apparel buyer and scours the globe for beautiful and unique products for moms in the zulily community. She spearheaded the creation of Maternity Fashion Week, which celebrates top maternity brands at great values on zulily.

About Rosie Pope: London-born entrepreneur Rosie Pope is the creative force behind Rosie Pope Maternity, her sophisticated maternity clothing and accessories line, and MomPrep, her prenatal, postpartum and parenting education studios. She’s a trusted parenting guru amongst Hollywood elite and in 2011 appeared in her own Bravo TV series Pregnant in Heels. Rosie’s goal is to provide the best products and expertise to guide a woman’s journey from pregnancy to parenthood.

About Jessica Hartshorn: American Baby and Parents magazine editor Jessica Hartshorn is a “maternity guru” who has covered everything from the best in baby products to the world of child modeling.  Jessica has been the senior lifestyle editor at American Baby for 13 years, and also recently joined the staff of its sister publication, Parents magazine. Her kids, now ages 7 and 10, have provided her with plenty of opportunities to get immersed in the worlds of maternity fashion, baby gear, and toys.

About Natalie Klein: Natalie Klein co-founded the site Hollywood Hot Moms with Jessica Denay in 2011 in an effort to make celebrity style accessible to everyone. Their site features the latest on what famous moms and their kids are wearing, in addition to giveaways and discounts.

If you’re new to Twitter or still learning the ropes, we’ve laid out a step-by-step guide to participating in a Twitter chat below.

So, what exactly is a Twitter Chat?
A Twitter chat is a public discussion—with “tweeters” from all over the world—based on a common topic of interest.

Why a Twitter Chat?
Twitter has become the go-to forum for moms worldwide to discuss every topic imaginable. Twitter is a big place, though, and our #zulilymaternitystyle chat will be a great way to share ideas about style on a smaller scale.

How can I follow the discussion?
At first glance, Twitter can seem like a chaotic place for a discussion. Fortunately, some simple tools have been created to help organize the many tweets generated every day. 

While the @zulily Twitter Chat promises to be fast paced, the Twitter “#hashtag” feature allows followers to more easily keep up with and participate in the discussion. 

Each follower participating in the Chat will include a unique hashtag (#) in each tweet. For our Chat, we will be using #zulilymaternitystyle. This will help readers following the Twitter Chat to separate ours from other discussions taking place on Twitter.

To more easily follow and participate in the discussion, we recommend using a Twitter monitoring app. We’ve added a few of our favorites below. They’re free to use and will allow you to view any tweet that includes the right # (hashtag).

New to Twitter? Follow these simple steps to sign up and join the discussion:

  1. Visit to sign up for an account and pick a unique Twitter “handle” (Handle=what comes after the @ symbol)
  2. Follow @zulily @americanbabymag and @HollywoodHotMom
  3. Visit one of our recommended Twitter monitoring tools. We’ll use as an example.
  • Once you’ve arrived at TweetChat click ‘Sign In’ and allow Twitter to authorize the TweetChat app.
  • In the field that reads “Enter hashtag to follow,” input zulilymaternitystyle
    (all one word)
  • Join the chat! Tweet us a question or comment, or simply introduce yourself! We’ll make sure to say hello! Be sure to include the @ symbol to direct your tweet at the right user. Here’s an example:

“@zulily excited to be here! I’m having a hard time finding stylish but comfortable shoes during my pregnancy – any ideas? #zulilymaternitystyle”

A few of our favorite websites for monitoring Twitter:

·  TweetChat,

·  TweetGrid

·  Monitter

·  Hootsuite

We’ll be reading and responding to your tweets in real time, so if you have a question, just tweet @zulily!