Did you miss the #zulilyNurseryStyle Twitter Chat last week? Well today we’ve got highlights from the online Q&A, plus host and nursery bedding designer Jenny McCarthy’s fashion tips for you!

What was your inspiration for the Too Good nursery line?

@JennyMcCarthy: The inspiration was to make great, safe, fashionable bedding that all mothers could afford

Q1: What are some creative accents to add in a nursery?

@JennyMcCarthy: Wall art is fun! But less is more. The focus on my bedding is on the bedding. It’s not good to clutter a room. The butterfly bedding is another one of my favorites!

@Clarissa_Laskey: some creative nursery accents are murals (stick on or hand-painted), esp. with a pretty tree! I also love writing my kids names in the snow & sand and framing photos of that for their rooms.

@HollywoodHotMom: fun lamp shades

@PhyliciaSP: I love fun bedding It always makes the nursery. Wall art, mounted bookshelves

@vanrobmac: Ruffles and flowers for my girl 🙂

@Butterflybab: Decorated with a butterfly mobile

Q2: What are some fun ways to decorate a girl’s room?

@JennyMcCarthy: Rug accents and decor blankets because they’re both cute and useful.

@mellanhead: Butterflies, pinks and browns like a plaid. we did monkeys, my mom made the blankets and crib skirt.

@Clarissa_Laskey: I love a beautiful, but simple chandelier. I also love a canopy over a little girl’s crib/bed. I also love a simple chair with your little girl’s name or monogram on it. [Another] fun way to decorate a little girl’s room is do a tree or something similar with her little handprints as leaves.

@vanrobmac: Mine is animal safari with lots of zebra! And I made some big tissue pom poms for the ceiling

@PhyliciaSP: I don’t want alot of pink but if I have a girl I’d love a cute pastel theme. My sister had a ladybug theme — red black and white so my niece could grow with it and not look like a nursery anymore

@S_thirtymommy: Mirrors everywhere 🙂

@martiferg: my girls share a room & it’s the princess theme!

Q3: What are some ways to get the most out of a small nursery?

@HollywoodHotMom: maximize space! Lots of storage against the wall

@mellanhead: add rolling drawers under crib, use top of dresser changing, shelves on the wall. my daughter’s room is small so we used book cases for items and storage under crib

@PhyliciaSP: Shelving! We found cute shelving squares to put keepsakes in and another shelve for wooden letters. And we love our stuffed animal net that’s in the corner of my sons room. Out of the way and looks cute.

@Butterflybab: Be organized-get an under the crib storage bin for blankets, clothes, or diapers. skip the diaper changing table and get a good dresser, then put a pad on that

@Clarissa_Laskey: buy a convertible crib and lots of fun storage bins in neutral colors that can grow with your baby. And a bench style toy box that is functional for storage, but also offers storage is great for a small nursery.

@S_thirtymommy: Multifunctional pieces & utilize wall space

@vanrobmac: I have two shelves under my changing table, I have 6 baskets there to organize diapers, wipes etc!

@bybreenah: We have the dresser in the closet

@martiferg: look for multipurpose furniture. That’s what we did.

Q4: Fun ways to decorate a boy’s room?

@mellanhead: sports, zoo, blue/greens, animals. we did tigers for sons room

@martiferg: we are doing a safari theme for lil guy’s nursery

@S_thirtymommy: lots of animals: lions, tigers, dinosaurs, monkeys, hippos, giraffes

@vanrobmac: I love sports themes — baseball and basketball! I’ve done zoo them with all my kids, just changed a few colors for the boys and girls

@PhyliciaSP: I love browns and greens. My son has a zoo room. light green wall paint. Many giraffes that used to be mine

@Clarissa_Laskey: his name spelled out with different sports items. Fun to do and creative! Or a homemade mobile with pictures of family on it for a little boys to familiarize him & make him smile.

@Butterflybab: firefighter theme, zoo animals, under the sea theme, cars, farm animals & tractors, monkeys

@Bodinesteph: Our theme is baby elephants!!!

@JennyMcCarthy: If the elephants’ trunks are up, it’s good luck!

Q5: Where do you start with the decorating process for a nursery?

@JennyMcCarthy: It starts with picking a theme and then picking the pantones of the color way. When the colors and art are agreed on, then we pick the materials. It all comes together to make great bedding!

@Butterflybab: The wall color and the crib

@PhyliciaSP: Wall paint color and crib color. Gotta start somewhere 🙂

@vanrobmac: I look at idea online… Pinterest is awesome for this! For my girl, I looked through what I already had from her brothers and added girlish touches to it

@Bodinesteph: As soon as I find out the gender I start looking for bedding and room decor!

@martiferg: usually I wait until we find the gender of the baby. Still so much to do here before due date next mo.

@Clarissa_Laskey: I start with a color scheme. Wall paint!

@S_thirtymommy: In my head…I chose a gender neutral them and once the baby came added some personalized touches

@KokoLoco911: Colors & fabrics

Q6: How can you customize your nursery for each child? Do you start over each time? Or do you reuse items?

@JennyMcCarthy: People tend to reuse bedding if they have the same sex

@HollywoodHotMom: it depends on age difference. But try to create something unique for their personality

@martiferg: for the girls it was the same. Reusing what I can but have to redo from girl to boy

@PhyliciaSP: we’re a military family so we’ve moved since my son had his nursery. Fresh start for us!

@mellanhead: Do a different theme, or add colors for each child

@Bodinesteph: I love to start over and give each child there own theme!

@S_thirtymommy: Definitely reuse and recycle but add personalization to make it mor personal for each child

@mellanhead: reuse bedding but add different color to walls and decals

@vanrobmac: First two boys pretty much had the same. First girl, a lot different but some of the same gender-neutral stuff

Q7: What should be the focal point in a nursery?

@JennyMcCarthy: Your child!!! And then of course having great bedding helps!

@HollywoodHotMom: the focus point is the baby 🙂 but find one item you love make that it! Like bedding 🙂

@PhyliciaSP: bedding sets!! Rooms revolve around them. I feel bad I didn’t say baby first haha. I just love baby bedding!

@Butterflybab: The baby! Then the crib & bedding

@vanrobmac: The bedding!

@mellanhead: the crib and the bedding in it

@martiferg: my baby lol

@S_thirtymommy: Pictures & artwork

@Clarissa_Laskey: the crib. It’s the main piece in a nursery. The bedding shows off the crib and sets the tone for the room style

Q8: What are your favorite accessories for naptime?

@JennyMcCarthy: A blankie and a baby monitor!

@mellanhead: A great chair to rock them and aden & anais swaddling blankets!

@vanrobmac: For the baby I love swaddle wraps! And a binkie and glider!

@S_thirtymommy: Blankets and a favorite stuffed animal to snuggle

@KaratewithaZ: a warm blanket and a glider rocker

@martiferg: great crib, blankets, and glider for snuggling & rocking

@Bodinesteph: A soft blankie and her favorite elephant mobile that she stares at until she falls asleep!

@PhyliciaSP: a great monitor and receiving blankets. Swaddling always!

Bonus Question! @JennyMcCarthy: Hey mommies. What are your favorite colors to use in your nursery?

@vanrobmac: Bright green and yellow. black and white zebra print, too…super cute for girl. I also love brown and pink together! And hot pink accents!

@Butterflybab: calming colors

@S_thirtymommy: I love using bright greens

@PhyliciaSP: pastels!! With dark brown furniture

@TheDSC: I’d say green BEST all-around. Then maybe earth tones like blue, light browns, pastel orange/yellow

@Clarissa_Laskey: colors that work well together. Pastel pink, mint green, sky blue, tan.

Reader Questions

@LilRedCM: What’s your favorite spring nursery must have for expecting Moms?

@JennyMcCarthy: My new Too Good by Jenny muslin wraps. They’re amazing!

@zulily: anything with bright colors to keep the season alive!

@TheMomsPlace: what is your best selling design?

@JennyMcCarthy: Our reversible patterns. A-Z, Zoo Zoo, Flutter – twice the fashion for the price of one!

@MoniquePeltz: What’s a good rule of thumb when buying a nursery gift & don’t know the sex of the baby?

@JennyMcCarthy: The colors sage and cream make for great neutral gifts. They go with everything!

@zulily: Something neutral – we like zoo themes. The Too Good muslin wraps are great too!

@TheMomsPlace: what accessories do you sell to go with the bedding?

@JennyMcCarthy: Musical mobile, window valances, muslin wraps, and extra crib sheets!

@Collstoetz: I’m wondering if the bedding will shrink? 

@JennyMcCarthy: Our 100% cotton bedding is pre-washed, so it has minimal shrinkage!

@LilRedCM: What are you designing next for your line?

@JennyMcCarthy: We see more traditional lines with a splash of fun trending right now.

@makeupbyjulie: What is the best unisex theme you sell?

@JennyMcCarthy: I love the A-Z bedding as a unisex bedding because the bumpers and bedding are reversible!