3 Sleep Tips New Moms Need to Know

Being a new mother is exciting, rewarding and incredibly exhausting. Even if you do all of the research and get all of the gear — from breastfeeding sleepwear to baby monitors — there are sure to be a few bumps in the road. It’s a well-known fact that one of the biggest challenges for new moms is getting enough sleep. Babies are born with a much shorter sleep cycle than adults, and for about the first six months, and often longer, infants continue to wake every one to three hours. In other words, sleep is worth its weight in gold during those months! Continue reading 

Host a Baby Gender Reveal Party!

Our zulily Lifestyle Editor, Amy E.Goodman, recently joined the Today Show to show off some of her creative, colorful and always fun ideas for throwing your very own Baby Gender Reveal Party! 

Reveal parties are relatively new and unbound by most rules of etiquette, so if planning your own party, aim for a more casual setting than a traditional baby shower. Invite your inner circle of friends and family and make sure guests know they are not required to bring a gift (save this for your shower!). Continue reading 

Top Trends for Girl’s Easter Dresses

It’s that wonderful time of year when we get to don our “Easter Best” and wait for our favorite cuddly creature to hop down the “bunny trail.”  If you’re struggling to find the perfect dress for a little lady in your life, look no further than our list of budding Easter trends below! Continue reading 

Cutest Headbands for Baby’s 1st Photo Shoot

With a new baby, there are so many cherished first, but that first baby photo shoot is on of the most exciting. And let’s admit it, second to only your baby’s cute cushy cheeks and adorable little face is the outfit you choose to dress them in. And to top that cute outfit off, a little head accessory. Continue reading 

Are You More Jumpsuit or Palazzo?

Both jumpsuits and palazzo pants have made a huge splash in trends for this past year, and as summer approaches, they seem to just keep growing in popularity. The Kardashian sisters,along with plenty of other note-worthy celebs, have been rocking both these styles for months. We think it’s time for everyone else to give these fun, funky and versatile trends a try.

But, which to choose? Continue reading