What Your Favorite Pair of Shoes Says About You

What do a person's shoes really say about them? We took a poll of our colleagues and came up with a few tongue-in-cheek descriptions based on our favorite shoe styles.

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Mom Entrepreneur: Beija-Flor Jeans

We love learning and sharing the unique histories behind the great brands we feature on zulily—and it's especially inspiring when these stories come from strong, entrepreneurial mother-daughter teams!  Recently, we heard from Emilie Whitaker, the co-founder and CEO of Beija-Flor Jeans.  Emilie's innovative, passionate approach to design has earned praise from celebrities, magazines and women around the world.  Read on to learn more about her path, her company and her love for great-fitting denim.

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Whatever the Weather – Rainy Day Style Tips from zulily Experts

While we're still enjoying the bright days of summer, today we are celebrating National Rain Day! At zulily, we want to make sure you are prepared for whatever the weather might be - that's why we work year round to bring you unique products and expert tips to keep you looking fresh in rain or shine! We reached out to our hair & makeup and fashion trend experts to bring you the TOP tips for prepping and staying beautiful for the potentially rainy season ahead!

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It’s in the Bag: A Whole List of Cool for Elementary School

Check out our top products for prepping your elementary schooler's backpack. For a full list of elementary school needs, make sure to reference our Back-to-School Elementary Checklist and while you’re at it, enter for a chance to win a $1,000 back-to-school wardrobe on us! Then, get shopping on zulily for all your missing must-have items.

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Q&A with Jennifer from DoubleDutyMommy.com

Jennifer Mercurio started her first website well before anyone knew what a blog was. It wasn’t until she discovered Twitter and had her second child that she began DoubleDutyMommy.com. She describes her blog as her space to share her love for food, travel, Disney and new family-centric products. We were lucky enough to have Jennifer agree to a short interview. We hope you enjoy it! Continue reading 

zulily Debuts: FRNCH

Here at zulily, we are always on the hunt for new and unique brands that can liven up your life, home and wardrobe! In this spirit, we are very excited to announce the arrival of FRNCH - a sophisticated, yet wearable women's clothing brand that will elevate your wardrobe instantly with versatile, polished pieces. The FRNCH founders wished to breathe new life into the world of fashion and created the brand through the  inspiring lens of the fashion-forward women of Paris. We had the chance to chat with the the sensational siblings behind this brand, Chloe and Simon Jin, to get a behind-the-scenes peek on how it all began and what's in store for the future. Oo-la-la!

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Q&A with cabi CEO Lynne Coté

Do you wake up each morning with the question "What do I wear?!" Cabi Stylists are game-changers for that daily routine, giving women across the country confidence as they step into their closets!  We had the opportunity to chat with Lynne Coté, cabi's fearless, female-leader. Read below for her insights on key clothing pieces, best advice for aspiring leaders and what's in store for cabi's future!

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zulily’s Weekly Pinterest Roundup: Back to School Edition

Back to school is right around the corner. While we don't want the summer to end, we're glad that there are so many fun crafts, party ideas and more on Pinterest. For this week's Pinterest roundup, we've decided to feature some of our favorite back to school pins. 

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Introducing zulily’s Fan-Created Le Creuset Ice Cream Recipe

You voted and we listened! We teamed up with Le Creuset to create a unique ice cream recipe, just for zulily fans. Read on for the full step-by-step recipe and be sure to shop today's Le Creuset event to snag an ice cream bowl set of your own! 

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DIY Gold Magnetic Letters

Remember those tiny magnetic letters we all had laying around the house as kids? In fact, if you have little ones of your own you probably still see them hiding in the cracks of your couch. But who says only toddlers get enjoy them? Here at zulily, we have a super simple and quick DIY project that transforms those quirky toys into something fun for adults, too.

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zulily KIDZ BOP Video Contest Winners

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who entered our KIDZ BOP dance video contest. Your videos were all amazing!
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It’s in the Bag: A Whole List of Cool for Preschool

Check out our top products for prepping your preschooler's backpack. For a full list of preschool needs, make sure to reference our Back-to-School Preschool Checklist and while you're at it, enter for a chance to win a $1,000 back-to-school wardrobe giveaway on us! Then, get shopping on zulily for all your missing must-have items.

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Q&A with Bekki from ChasingSupermom.com

Bekki Lindner started ChasingSupermom.com back in 2010 and has been writing about her parenting journey ever since. She’s a former teacher who loves sharing her favorite learning tips, recommending children’s books and empowering moms everywhere. We recently reached out to her in hopes that she’d offer some insight into the world of Chasing Supermom. Here’s what she had to tell us. Continue reading 

10 Hilarious & Cute Baby Bodysuits You Have to See!

Your baby is about to be the coolest infant on the block while rocking one of these adorably funny bodysuits. 

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zulily’s Weekly Pinterest Roundup: Minions Edition

A few of our favorite cartoon sidekicks got their own movie last weekend, and we seriously can't get enough of those adorable guys. So, what's the best way to deal with our current obsession? A Pinterest roundup featuring Minions, of course!

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Show Us Your #zulilyfinds: July

We believe there’s something powerful about discovering new and unexpected things. That's why we created zulily, to surprise and delight you with unique brands and products every day. What delights us, you ask? Seeing all your amazing #zulilyfinds on social media. Here's a few of our favorites from July:

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From PinkBlush Maternity | Wow at the Baby Shower

PinkBlush is a name that zulily regulars are probably familiar with. One of our long-time favorites, PinkBlush creates maternity staples that moms discover on their first pregnancy and keep coming back to the second and third time around. Now they’re chiming in with a few recommendations on what it takes to rock the baby shower.

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It’s in the Bag: Check Off These 8 Back-to-College Picks

Whether you're prepping a teen for their first year of college or heading back to college yourself, check out our top picks for the exciting days ahead. For a full list of college needs, take a look at our Back-to-School College Checklist  and while you're at it, enter for a chance to win a $1,000 back-to-school wardrobe on us. Then, get shopping on zulily for all your missing must-have items. 

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Q&A with Nicole from Momtrends.com

Momtrends.com might have started as a way for founder and CEO Nicole Feliciano to bookmark things for her family, but it has since evolved into its own media company. Despite its huge growth and success, Momtrends.com has stayed true to its original mission: to be a positive, inspiring, pretty and social hub for style-savvy moms. Nicole Feliciano made some time to answer a few questions about Momtrends.com (and upcoming fashion trends) for us. Continue reading 

zulily Debuts: Tamar Braxton’s Top Picks from Tamar Collection

Here at zulily, we have the opportunity to work with hundreds of amazing brands and designers—but we'll admit, we still get a little starstruck at times!  That was definitely the case when we discovered we'd be hosting Tamar Collection by singer and TV personality Tamar Braxton.  This on-point line of clothing and shoes makes its zulily debut today through Monday.  To celebrate, Tamar filled us in on her top picks from the collection.

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