Easter Party DIY Ideas From Tiny Prints

Spring is here, beautiful flowers are in bloom and our favorite bunny is getting ready to hop on down his trail!  This means fun Easter activities are in your future, so put on your pastel party dress, and throw an Easter soiree.

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Get Prepped: Nautica Baby Beach Essentials

Summer is right around the corner… which means beach time is almost here!   Get your family ready for a sunny outing with some basic beach essentials from our handy checklist.  Plus, check out a few preciously preppy summer outfits and swimwear items from Nautica to inspire your summer shopping.

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Mom Quote Monday

Mondays can be a struggle for moms (and dads!). Maybe you didn't sleep a wink because a tiny human crawled into your bed at 2 AM? Or maybe all those weekend errands did you in? Whatever the reason for your Monday blues, zulily knows a little humor always helps! 

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Top 10 Goofiest Cities!

In celebration of March 22nd's National Goof Off Day, we have the Top Cities in the U.S. most ready to giggle and get-down with their goofy-selves!

Here are the cities based on the number of humorous items purchased in the past year. Drum roll please...

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3 Sleep Tips New Moms Need to Know

Being a new mother is exciting, rewarding and incredibly exhausting. Even if you do all of the research and get all of the gear — from breastfeeding sleepwear to baby monitors — there are sure to be a few bumps in the road. It’s a well-known fact that one of the biggest challenges for new moms is getting enough sleep. Babies are born with a much shorter sleep cycle than adults, and for about the first six months, and often longer, infants continue to wake every one to three hours. In other words, sleep is worth its weight in gold during those months! Continue reading