It’s Maternity Fashion Week at zulily, so we caught up with Robin P., Maternity Apparel Buyer, to get the details. 

Tell us about your job!

It’s my job to find maternity brands big and small and bring them to zulily moms at a great value. I scour the planet to find products that they can’t find anywhere else.  

Why did you want to create a Maternity Fashion Week?

I wanted to create a week that really celebrated maternity fashion! Of course there is New York Fashion Week in the month of February, but  that primarily focuses on women’s apparel. It was time to give our maternity mamas some extra love! There are so many great brands out there and we managed to get all of the top maternity brands to offer incredible products at a great value for zulily’s Maternity Fashion Week. Did I mention they are all spring styles? There’s nothing better than getting pre-season goods at a discount! 


What do you think is the most essential item in a maternity wardrobe?

A great pair of denim jeans! Too many women try to make their pre-pregnancy jeans work for far too long into their pregnancy. Once you try on a great pair of maternity jeans, there is nothing better! They are comfortable, fit your new body (without having a hair tie keeping your pants up!) and a good pair will last through multiple pregnancies. This is something I encourage any woman to splurge on because they truly are a lifesaver!


Stripes – fashion do or fashion faux pas?

Fashion DO! Horizontal stripes are very hot for spring, pregnant or not! A common myth is that horizontal stripes make women look bigger and are a no-no. This rule is thrown out the window when you’re pregnant. You’re not “bigger,” you’re pregnant, which means your body contour has changed. Horizontal stripes actually create a narrowing effect as they come around the belly, making the waist look smaller — so stock up on stripes.

 Any advice for a woman building her maternity wardrobe?

Explore your style. It’s so easy to place rules on ourselves that limit what we “should” and “shouldn’t” wear. You have an opportunity to change that. It’s inevitable that most women have to buy maternity clothes, so you might as well have some fun with it!  Maternity apparel has come a LONG way since our mothers were pregnant – no more muumuus or big giant bows. Embrace this special time in your life and treat yourself to some new pieces that will make you feel as fabulous as you look! Take a risk – if you haven’t tried skinny jeans before, maybe now is your time!  If brighter colors or prints haven’t been your thing, take a leap and try some of the hot colors for spring like Emerald or Poppy Red to match your pregnancy glow.     

Get more styling tips this Friday, March 1 from noon – 1pm EST at our live Maternity Fashion Week Twitter Chat.  Get the details here.