Zulily FAQ

Here at Zulily, our top priority is helping you discover great deals on unique, quality products. We want you to be delighted with what you order. While Zulily is a final-sale site, please know that if you ever receive an order that does not meet your expectations, we'll do our best to find a solution. Shop happy!


What's an event?

The great deals you find at Zulily are limited-time offers. New offers launch every day and most last 72 hours. Some of our events feature items from single brands, others combine brands into themed collections.

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When do events start?

New events begin every day at 6am pt. Think of them as a treat to go with your morning coffee or tea.

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How long do events last?

Most events last 72 hours—then they move along to make room for something new! Occasionally events will be extended.

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How do I know what events are coming up?

Check out the Upcoming Events list on the homepage. If you click on an event name, you'll learn more about that event. We'll also email you to let you know when your favorite brands are coming up.

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How do I know if one of my favorite brands is coming back?

Whenever possible, we’ll email you. Create a list of your favorite brands by clicking the heart icons around our site. Then, we'll send you a message when one of your favorites is coming up. You can also keep an eye on the Upcoming Events list.

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I see a heart icon around the site. What is it?

That's how you make a brand one of your favorites. When you discover a brand you love, click the heart to add it to your list of favorites. You can also browse Brands We Love to find more brands to choose from. Whenever possible, we'll send you an email when one of your favorites is coming up.

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Can I register for shower gifts on Zulily?

Not just yet. We're always adding new features, though, and registry is on our wish list!

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Do you have a physical store?

Nope! We're an online-only boutique.

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Where can Zulily ship?

We ship to the United States (including all territories and APO/FPO/DPO addresses), Albania, Austria, Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Ghana, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Honduras, Hong Kong Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, South Korea, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Vietnam. To view the products available to you, change the country where your purchases will be shipped most often by clicking on the flag icon located on the upper right corner of the Zulily home page.

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Can I shop on my phone or tablet?

Yes! We have apps for iPhone/iPad and Android, as well as a mobile site.

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Where are your products made?

We work with many different brands that produce goods around the world. Look for origin information on the product page.

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Why is my order still "processing"?

We search far and wide to find great deals! Getting the goods we find into your hands requires a few steps. When you order, the brand ships your item to us first. We may also gather all your items into one package to keep the shipping & handling cost low. That's one way we're able to offer such great deals!

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A product I want is sold out. Can I still get it?

When you see something you love that's not available, click the "notify me" link and we'll send you a message if that item returns. Occasionally we're able to secure more inventory during an event. When that happens, we'll post a note on our homepage in addition to sending you an email.

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Can I search for the item I want?

Yes! We have a search box on our site. Search terms like "pink tee" or "boys' pants" and we will show you all those items currently available on the site. You can also search for brand names.

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I can't find a product I saw last week. Where'd it go?

Products on Zulily are usually available for 72 hours. We offer a different selection every day. If you know what brand the product came from, choose that brand as a favorite. Then, we'll let you know when another event comes up. You can also search by brand name to see if there is any remaining stock from a past event.

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Where can I find the product featured in your ad?

Our ads feature brands we love and items that represent what we often have available. Ads often run for more days than our events do, so often products featured in ads are out of stock. Try searching by the item type—you're likely to find something similar! You can also contact us to find out what brand is featured in the ad you like, then set that as one of your favorites to be notified of future events from the brand.

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What size should I order?

Because we sell products from many different brands, sizing varies. You can click the link to the size chart on the product and event pages. We display vendor sizing whenever possible. If the vendor does not supply a chart, we use our own measurements.

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Where's the size chart?

We post a link to it on the event page and alongside the product information.

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How do I check my order status?

Go to My Orders. You'll find details there.

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How do I know if I've been charged for my order?

Credit and debit cards

As soon as your order is placed, we authorize the card for the full order value to confirm that funds are available. We capture the funds (charge your card) once your items are in transit to the Zulily warehouse, but no later than the fifth day after card authorization. Authorization does not charge your card.


Funds are captured from your PayPal account as soon as you place an order. Your entire order, including any applicable tax and shipping & handling fees, is charged at that time. If we are unable to fulfill any part of your order, you will be refunded directly to your PayPal account.


In some cases, your card is charged immediately after the funds are authorized. This happens when your order contains the purchase of a gift card or a voucher, is being paid for using a pre-paid card or is being shipped directly from the product's vendor instead of from Zulily's warehouse. If any part of your order is not fulfilled, you will receive a refund.

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I placed an order. Can I change the shipping address?

Yes! If your order has not yet shipped, you can change the shipping address in the My Orders section of My Account.

  • If you change a shipping address on an order that has subsequent free shipping & handling orders associated with the original order, the shipping address must change for all subsequent orders.
  • If original shipping address is to a non-tax-applicable state, the new shipping address must also go to a non-tax-applicable state.
  • If original shipping address is to a tax-applicable state, the new shipping address must go to the same tax-applicable state.
  • Address changes must be within the same destination country.
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I placed an order. Can I change the payment method?

We are usually able to change the payment method if the order has not already been invoiced. Please contact our Customer Service team as soon as possible to see what options are available.

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I placed an order. Can I add an item?

The quickest solution is to place a new order for the additional item. Because of our consolidated shipping promotions — like All-Day Shopping, One-Time Shipping — you only pay a shipping & handling fee on the first order of the day (not including applicable surcharges or vendor charges on large or bulky items). This offer only applies to orders being shipped to the same address.

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I placed an order. Can I cancel it?

If you change your mind about an item within 30 minutes of placing the order, you can cancel it yourself by visiting My Orders. From there, click "view/modify order" next to the order with the item(s) you'd like to cancel. Click on the "cancel" button next to each item you would like to cancel. If you would like to cancel an item after the 30 minute window, please contact us. As long as your items have not shipped, we are usually able to cancel items or orders. Personalized items and certain products shipped directly from our vendors are subject to special approval.

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Where do you get the strike-through prices that are listed on your products?

Unless otherwise noted, the strike-through price displayed for products on our Web site is based on the suggested retail price for the product provided to Zulily by our vendor. The strike-through price is not a price at which Zulily previously sold the product. Because we sell our products over the Internet nationwide and internationally, the strike-through price may or may not represent the prevailing price at any particular time or in every location, and we make no promises about the reliability or accuracy of any such information. Nothing can replace your own comparison shopping, and notwithstanding the strike-through price information provided, if this is an important factor for you in your purchasing decision, we recommend you conduct your own individual research as well.

Some of our vendors provide merchandise to Zulily that is not widely sold elsewhere or that is exclusive to Zulily. For items in this category that are similar — but not identical — to products sold through other retailers, we use the phrase “compare at” next to the strike-through to indicate your savings. This “compare at” price represents the vendor’s estimated original retail value of a comparable item of the same quality, construction and material offered elsewhere. While pricing is not an exact science, our buying team has years of retail experience and partners with our vendors to determine whether an item is comparable based on the type and quality of the material, and the construction of the item. Ultimately, our “compare at” price is an estimate of the original retail price of comparable items. We always strive to provide you with the best prices on the items we sell, but we encourage you to do your own comparison shopping as well. For items that we offer as a set, the strike-through price is based on the total of all the suggested retail prices for each item in the set. For clothing items that are priced higher for larger sizes, we average the prices across sizes to determine the strike-through price.

For international sales of products from the U.S. to a foreign jurisdiction, the strike-through price reflects the exchange rate conversion from the U.S. strike-through price plus, if applicable, an adjustment for additional international surcharges that cover items such as taxes, duties, and shipping. As a result, the strike-through price you see may be different than what you see at another retailer that uses a different methodology for calculating international surcharges or for which no surcharges apply.

Nothing can replace your own comparison shopping, and notwithstanding the strike-through price information provided, if this is an important factor for you in your purchasing decision, we recommend you conduct your own individual research as well.

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Does Zulily ship to Canada?

Yes! Zulily is now shipping directly to Canada.

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When will my Canadian order arrive?

The shipping & handling time frame depends on what items you order and where you live in Canada. Your order will typically ship from our Zulily US warehouse within 10-12 days of the order date. For when specific items are expected to ship, take a look at the product description pages. Once your items arrive at our warehouse, it typically takes 5-7 days for your order to arrive in most metropolitan areas and up to 12 business days for rural areas. Once your order is placed, you can always check your order's status under My Orders.

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What Payment methods can I use for Canada?

We accept:

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
  • PayPal
  • Zulily gift cards
  • Store credit
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What currency will be displayed?

When Canada is selected as the shipping destination, we show the product pricing and various charges in Canadian dollar by default. You can switch to US dollar clicking using the flag icon located on the top right corner of the Zulily home page and selecting USD from the currency drop down. Your final total including taxes and shipping & handling fees will be displayed in your selected currency at checkout.

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How are exchange rates calculated?

We partner with XE.com Inc., a currency service provider, to determine the currency rate. The exchange rate for your order will be set at the time of order placement.

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How do duties and taxes work?

Items shipped to Canada are subject to import custom duties, which vary based on the item’s country of origin and its value (“Import Fees”). The Import Fees for each item are included in the price of the items sold. Items shipped to Canada may also be subject to GST (Goods and Services Tax) or PST (Provincial Sales Tax). You will be able to view the total amount of taxes charged at checkout. For a breakout of the duty amount paid, please call Zulily customer service.

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How are duties and taxes calculated?

Duty rates are determined by the classification of a good, which varies by country of origin and destination country. Tax rates are driven by the classification of a good and the tax laws of the destination province. Customers residing in Provincial Sales Tax “PST” provinces may need to self-assess PST.

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Are there duty and tax exemptions?

Orders with item prices totaling $20 CAD or less are duty- and tax-free. Your will not be charged duties and taxes at checkout if your items total $20 CAD or less. Select items are tax-exempt in specific provinces. If your item is tax exempt, we will not charge you the applicable tax at checkout.

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Is every item eligible for Canadian shipping?

Unfortunately, some items are restricted for import into Canada, including hazardous materials, aerosols, liquids and other restricted items. We also cannot ship oversized items and personalized goods to Canada. Items that cannot be shipped to Canada will not appear on the site when your selected shipping country is Canada.

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Can I return or exchange my Canada order?

We offer such amazing discounts because we don't house any inventory after our sales end and therefore most of our items are final sale. In most cases, we can't process returns or exchanges. However, we want you to be delighted. Please contact us if you run into any problems and we'll make it right.

Please note that intimate apparel, shapewear, swimsuits and rashguards are final sale without exception.

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How do I earn store credit?

For every new member you refer, you earn store credit when their first order ships. Visit the Invite Friends page to see all the ways to invite someone:

  • Import your address book or enter addresses to send an email invitation
  • Share via social media

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What does store credit count toward?

Store credit can be applied to your order total. Store credit cannot be used to purchase Zulily gift cards.

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How do I redeem my store credit?

If you have store credit, it will be automatically applied if you're using a credit card. Store credit can be applied using PayPal too. Unfortunately, due to PayPal systems, store credit cannot be applied when using the Checkout with PayPal function. Instead, click the red "proceed to checkout" button in the shopping basket. Then, select PayPal in the Payment Info step at checkout. You can always see your credit balance by visiting the Store Credit page.

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Does my store credit expire?

After some time, yes. From the day your complimentary credit shows up in your account, you have 90 days to use it. We'll send you an email reminder when time is running out! If you have received store credit as a refund, it will not expire.

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How do Zulily gift cards work?

Our gift cards are virtual. Gift cards never expire, and the lucky recipient can apply a gift card to their order total, including any applicable taxes and shipping & handling fees.

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When will my friend get their gift card?

An email containing the virtual gift card will be sent to the recipient within 24 hours of your purchase.

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How can I buy a Zulily gift card?

Visit this page, fill out the information and add the gift card to your basket. You can choose any amount (up to $500) and pay with a credit card, debit card or PayPal account. Zulily credits and gift cards cannot be used for purchasing gift cards.

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How does free consolidated standard shipping work?

When you see something you love, buy it before it sells out. Then, you can keep shopping for more finds without paying another standard shipping & handling fee. That’s because one of the ways we help you save money is through consolidating items we ship to you — some of our consolidated free standard shipping promotions are All-Day Shopping, One-Time Shipping, Weekend Shopping Special and our Holiday Shopping Special. Here are the details: One order with paid shipping & handling must be completed to activate free standard shipping & handling on all subsequent orders. If you complete another order during the free shipping promotion, the shipping & handling charge during checkout will appear as CAD $0.00. The end of the free shipping depends on each promotion and will be mentioned in the offer description and details (for example, qualifying subsequent orders for All-Day Shopping, One-Time Shipping must be completed on the same calendar day (between 12am pt and 11:59pm pt.) All orders must be made using the same Zulily account, and must be shipped to the same name and address within Canada. Some items are not eligible for free shipping & handling and are excluded from all shipping & handling promotions. These will be noted at checkout.

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What delivery methods does Zulily use?

Canada orders are shipped via Purolator International and Canada Post. United Kingdom and Ireland orders are shipped via DHL and Borderlinx. Australia orders are shipped via DHL. International orders outside of Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom/Ireland are shipped by our partner Borderfree, an international fulfillment center, and delivered by their trusted carriers, including DHL. Most Zulily US orders are sent via FedEx or UPS. We use their Smart Post, SurePost and Mail Innovations programs. These programs allow us to rely on carrier networks for shipping & handling and on your local U.S. Postal Service carrier for final delivery. For very large items that require special handling, we sometimes partner with HomeDirectUSA.

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Do you ship to PO Boxes and APO/FPO addresses?

Yes—place these orders like any other! If you're shipping to a PO Box, we may contact you for more information. Note that items that are heavy or bulky (i.e., strollers, furniture, rugs, etc.) and items that ship directly from the vendor may not be deliverable to these addresses.

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Does Zulily ship internationally?

Yes! Zulily orders can be delivered to the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom/Ireland, Mexico, Hong Kong and Singapore .

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What are Zulily's shipping & handling fees?

Domestic shipping & handling starts at CAD $5.95 and can reach up to CAD $11.95 depending on quantity and/or type of product selected. Our free consolidated standard shipping programs make base shipping & handling free after you place your first order of the day. Certain types of products, multiple items or large items may increase the shipping & handling rate. The fee is listed in your order summary for review before you complete checkout.

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Will my entire order be shipped in one package?

Usually, yes, your entire order will ship in one package. However, your order might include items that originate from different locations. When that’s the case, multiple packages may ship to fulfill a single order.

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How do I track my shipment?

Go to My Orders. Each shipment will have a link to click for tracking information.

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Do you have local pick-up in Seattle?

No, we don't. We're headquartered in beautiful Seattle, but our items ship from our fulfillment centers in Ohio and Nevada.

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What's Zulily's return policy?

If you're disappointed with your order, please contact our Customer Service team. We are never able to accept returns on intimate apparel, shapewear, swimsuits or rashguards, or any personalized items. Unfortunately we are also unable to facilitate exchanges.

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What if my order arrives incomplete, incorrect, damaged or defective?

We’ll work to resolve the problem immediately—simply contact us at canada@zulily.com for a quick response.

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What does it mean if an item has a rocket icon next to it?

The rocket icon indicates that an item can ship out of the warehouse in 1-2 business days. All of the shipping & handling options specific to your order will be available for you to review and choose from at checkout.

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What does it mean if an item is ready to ship?

An item that's ready to ship can leave the warehouse in 1-2 days. All of the shipping & handling options specific to your order will be available for you to review and choose from at checkout.

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How do I find ready to ship items on the site?

Look for the rocket icon as you shop. It will appear on the product description next to any product that is ready to ship. You may also see it at the top of an event, indicating that every item in that event is ready to ship.

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Are there any delivery restrictions for ready to ship items?

Yes. Some ready to ship items are subject to shipping restrictions and may have only one faster shipping & handling option. When you get to checkout, you'll see the options available for your order.

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Where do I choose my shipping & handling option?

Choose at checkout. All of your options will be available for review.

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I have free shipping & handling. Can I use it on ready to ship items?

Free shipping & handling covers standard shipping & handling, which is an option on every order. If you choose to use a faster shipping & handling option, it will not be covered by any free shipping & handling offer.

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How do I invite friends to Zulily?

VVisit the Invite Friends page to send email invitations and connect to your email provider contact lists. You can also share to Facebook, Pinterest or via email from Zulily event and product pages; it counts as an invitation if a new member joins through your social share. You'll earn a shopping credit as soon as the new member's first purchase ships.

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When do I get my referral shopping credit?

For every new member who joins Zulily via your invite or share and makes a purchase, you'll be given a store credit. The credit will be automatically issued as soon as the new member's first order ships. We'll email you when your credit is waiting for you!

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How do I keep track of my credit?

Visit the Invite Friends page. You'll see your current available credit, as well as a tab to view any credit you may have earned and used in the past. You'll also see a tab to view all of your outstanding invites. From there, you can remind friends to join and place orders if they haven't yet!

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If I make a social post from Zulily, who can see it?

When you post to social media sites via Zulily, your posts will be treated according to any preferences and/or permissions you may have set on those sites.

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What social media sites does Zulily use?

We like to keep up with all the hot spots! We're on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. Look for us wherever you socialize online.

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Can I earn referral credits via social media sites?

Yes! To earn your referral shopping credit through social media, click the Facebook, Pinterest, or email icons around our site to share products and events with your friends and followers. New members can join through the post that's created each time your share. The first time they make a purchase, you receive a shopping credit when their order ships. Back to top

Where can I send you photos of cute Zulily clothes in action?

We'd love to see them! Share your photo with us on Instagram. Make sure you follow @zulily and tag #zulilyfind. We love it when people share photos of their Zulily cuties wearing great finds or just photos of the finds themselves!

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What if I don’t have Instagram?

You can always share photos with us on our Facebook page or on Twitter as well. Or, email us at submissions@zulily.com.

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What kind of photo can I send?

We want to see your family's Zulily style. What's your favorite Zulily outfit? Have any Zulily décor brightening a room? New toy or book your little one is loving? Please only send photos that you own and that feature your finds, yourself and your kids. see details Back to top

What are you going to do with the photo?

We love to share photos of Zulily cuties and finds, so you might see your photo on our site, on one of our social pages (including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter) or in an upcoming Zulily promotion! For more information, please see details.

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Will my kid’s personal details be made public?

We want to give your cutie the spotlight! If you submit photos to Zulily via email, upload process or social media (such as Facebook), we may include the name of the sender in the posting. Remember, we only have access to the name associated with the account from which you provide the information (e.g., your Facebook username or the name on your email account). We'll never share your contact information.

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Can I still use the photo in my Facebook/Instagram/etc?


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How do I unsubscribe from your email newsletter?

You've got several options for email delivery: daily, weekly and occasional alerts. To choose your preferences or to unsubscribe, visit the Email Preferences page. Please allow 5 days for our records to be updated. Even when you don't receive emails, you're still a member and you can shop by visiting the site directly or downloading our apps for iPhone/iPad and Android for on-the-go access.

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I forgot my password. Can you help?

Not directly—passwords are private and encrypted so we can't see them. But you can visit My Account to change your password.

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How do I change my password?

Visit the Account Information page. That's where you can easily update your password.

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How do I change my email address?

Visit the Account Information page. That's where you can easily update your email address.

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Are you hiring?

Yes! We're hiring fantastic people to work in all of our locations—Seattle, Reno, Columbus and Bethlehem. Our Careers page will give you more information and a list of positions. Even if you don't see a perfect match for your skills, feel free to send your resume—you never know what will pop up!

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Can my child volunteer to be a Zulily model?

Say cheese! We're always looking for smiling faces in the Seattle area to model for the site. Visit our Models page for more information and to give us your contact information.

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