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Beanies for Newborn Infants

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Beanies for Newborn Infants

There is no better way to keep a babies’ head toasty warm than by dressing them in an adorable, highly accessorized baby beanie hat. Beanies are ideal for infants as they stay on newborn heads without restrictions or discomfort. The latest stunning styles include cute coordinated scarves, mittens and hat sets. These caps are designed to help baby boys and girls lose less heat and keep in more warmth, as humans lose most of their heat through their heads. Babies are used to being tightly snuggled within the womb and when they are born, wearing infant hats helps them feel tightly coddled, cozy and calm. Crochet and knitted beanies have an adorable handmade look, while cotton beanies are extra-soft on new skin.SEE MORE >

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