Baby Essentials for On the Go

Traveling with baby takes preparation, but we're always ready to help with gear essentials sure to help road trips and plane rides go smoothly. Whether you’re headed to the beach, camping or a relative’s home, our baby gear and travel equipment collections are the ticket to a happy getaway. When driving, make sure you’ve got a car seat that works best for your car and Baby’s comfort. A stroller and carseat combo will help eliminate unnecessary gear, and make transitions from car to ground more seamless. For flying trips, stock up on plenty of travel toys, a travel pillow and extra changes of clothes for your baby boy or girl.
Once you’ve reached your destination, it’s time to have fun! Ensure your sweetie gets plenty of rest with travel cribs, baby carriers and smart baby cots. Shopping cart covers eliminate germs at the store, and portable high chairs and booster seats keep Baby close to you during mealtime. If you’re traveling with a newborn, we’ve also got plenty of infant bath tubs that are lightweight and easy to carry. And, of course, you’ll need the perfect diaper bag to keep all of your cutie’s on-the-go essentials close at hand.
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