Our Best Price Promise

At Zulily, we continually compare prices on thousands of finds, so you know you’re getting a great price on what you love.

As part of our commitment to unbeatable value, we price-check all of our finds against Amazon.com and Walmart.com, and always strive to meet or beat their prices. If you spot one of our finds at a lower price at Amazon.com or Walmart.com before we do, we’ll gladly match their price for the same size and color!

Found a lower price at Amazon or Walmart?

Many items are so unique, we didn’t find them on Amazon or Walmart. But they still feature prices that will make your wallet happy.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Zulily will match the item price of identical items (i.e. same model, color, brand, size) sold on Amazon.com (“Amazon”) or Walmart.com (“Walmart”).
  • The price for an item on Amazon or Walmart must be valid and still available at the time of Zulily’s price match.
  • If you have not already purchased the item on Zulily, the item must still be available for sale on Zulily at time of price match.
  • Zulily will match Amazon or Walmart price for the next 24 hours after you’ve purchased on Zulily. Zulily will also price-match its own Zulily prices for up to 14 days after you’ve purchased on Zulily.
  • Zulily will honor up to 10 price matches per day per customer.
  • Zulily does not offer rainchecks for items not currently for sale on Zulily to price-match.

Additionally, Zulily does not price-match the following:

  • Prices due to typographical or other errors.
  • Refurbished, pre-owned, open-box, or used items.
  • Vouchers, tickets, or gift card offers.
  • Amazon or Walmart retail store prices.
  • Items listed as clearance, close out, liquidation, or other special event offers.
  • Discounts applied at checkout, percentage off or dollar off offers, bundle offers, loyalty offers, trade-in offers, rebates, coupons, promo code offers, credit card offers, free items or free gift with purchase offers, mail-in offers, financing offers, or items subsidized by unusually high shipping costs, or tax promotions.
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To complete your price match request, please call the number below.

  • Mon-Fri: 5am-8pm PT
  • Sat & Sun: 6am-6pm PT

We’ll only match prices for identical items sold on Amazon or Walmart. The item must be identical in brand name, size and color to the item on Zulily.

See Details for more information.