Buy X Get Y Details

Which items are eligible for the Buy X Get Y promotional offer?

Items marked as Buy X Get Y can only be bundled with other Buy X Get Y item(s) from the same event to get the promotional offer. Not all items in the event may be eligible for the promotional offer; check individual items for eligibility and look for the promotion flag on the item’s event page and messaging on the product detail page.

Buy X Get Y Items from one event cannot be mixed and matched with Buy X Get Y items from another event to receive the applicable promotional offer. All Buy X Get Y offers are valid for the duration of the event. Similar or identical items found in another event are not eligible for the promotion.

Which items in the Buy X Get Y promotion are free?

If you’ve purchased the minimum number of applicable Buy X Get Y items to enable the promotion, the lowest-priced item(s) (depending on the offer) of the promotion items will be free. You’ll see which eligible item(s) you’re receiving for free from the promotion in your basket when you check out. The total discount of the free items will also be noted as the "Buy X Get Y Discount" in your order summary. For example: Suppose zulily is running a Buy 2, Get 1 Free event. If you select three promotion-eligible items from that event that are priced at $15, $10 and $8, respectively, the $8 item will be free. Please note this is just an example; the current deal you're shopping may be different!

Will Buy X Get Y items cost less to ship?

No. Standard shipping fees apply to all Buy X Get Y orders.

Are Buy X Get Y items eligible for returns?

Buy X Get Y items are not eligible for returns.

Can I cancel a Buy X Get Y item?

Customers cannot initiate cancellations of Buy X Get Y items on a per-item basis. Buy X Get Y items are part of a bundled promotion and may only be canceled as a whole by calling Customer Service or through My Orders on the desktop website.

What happens if zulily cancels a Buy X Get Y item?

If a free Buy X Get Y item is canceled by zulily, zulily will issue store credit in the amount equivalent to the item's original price on zulily. If a charged Buy X Get Y item (i.e. a promotional item that you are not receiving for free) is canceled by zulily, zulily will refund the amount charged for that item to your original payment method.