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It takes all kinds of baby travel gear to transfer your little one from place to place. With Zulily’s deals, you can stock up on everything you need to be on-the-go, from car seats, strollers, stroller wagons, double strollers, booster car seats and more. Zulily offers daily discounts on a curated selection of top brands such as Chicco, Baby Trend, WonderFold Wagon, Diono, Regalo, Brica, Summer Infant, Cybex & Baby Delight.

Must-have baby travel gear basics

You'll definitely need to use a rear-facing car seat from birth until ages 2-4. Most either come with a stroller they latch into or can fit into universal strollers. Some car seats are convertible and can transform into backless or full booster car seats, for when your kiddo is older. (Check height/weight/age restrictions, as they vary by state.)

Strollers for every lifestyle

Pick a stroller that meets your needs. Many baby strollers can recline and most feature different safety harnesses, padding, storage baskets (room for your diaper bag), wheel types (swivel, locks), hand or foot brakes, trays and/or cup holders. There are side-by-side strollers or double strollers for twins or two young babies (or triplets!), and sit & stand strollers, to appease a younger & older child. Ensure any strollers or prams you get can fold up and fit in the trunk of your car(s).

Active moms will want to check out our deals on jogging strollers. There are many types for all sorts of terrain, so be sure to decide which jogging stroller is best for your exercise needs. 

Additional baby travel accessories you'll want

  • Baby carriers (good for babies up to 9 months old) and backpack carriers – which can accommodate older babies – are adjustable and some allow your baby to face outwards, once she can hold her head up.
  • Stroller wagons can carry 1-6 kiddos, and are great for toting them around the park or to events, like parades. Think of the classic red wagon, but with comforts like padding & sun shades.
  • Cozy, portable travel nap mats, travel cots & beds ensure you can have a quiet place for your baby to rest and sleep, no matter where you land.
  • Plus: Get seatbelt strap covers, stroller rain covers, car seat sun shades and rear view/backseat mirrors.

How to clean & sterilize baby travel gear

Protect items from the elements and don't store anything folded up that's wet or dirty. Be sure to read manufacturer's care & cleaning instructions. Antibacterial spot-cleaning is usually best.

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