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Boys' Oxfords, Loafers & Dress Shoes

What are the right dress shoes for your kid?

Does this sound familiar? A school concert, holiday, or special occasion for your son to get dressed up for—but surprise! They’ve already grown out of their old dress shoes. From slip-on options like kids’ boat shoes and loafers to classic oxfords, Zulily is here to help you find the boys’ dress shoes you need for your kid’s big events. Find your favorite brands, like Easy Strider, Geox, Carter’s and more.

Brown shoes or black shoes?

Sure, there are other shoe colors out there; but the classics match with most outfits and there are an abundance of styles in each color. Boys’ brown dress shoes pair best with khaki pants or navy slacks. Black dress shoes for boys complement black trousers and gray pants. Pair either with a coordinating belt and white button up shirt to finish the look.

What are Oxford shoes and why are they called that?

Boys’ oxford shoes are an iconic style of dress shoe that started to become popular in the 1800s. Oxfords have laces that tie to secure them tighter to your kids’ foot. They typically have a smooth toe and stitching details around the laces. The Oxford style shoe was invented at Oxford University as a lower-cut, more comfortable version of a popular boot of the time. Zulily has toddler boy Oxford shoes as well as options all the way up to big kid sizes so your little man can look dapper no matter their age.

What’s the difference between loafers and boat shoes?

Two popular styles of dress shoes are boys’ boat shoes and loafers. But what’s the difference? They both share similar toe shapes and stitching details. The difference lies in the laces and the soles. Kids’ boat shoes always feature laces and siped soles with grooves cut in that help keep them from slipping on wet surfaces, and use more of a matte leather or synthetic upper material. Boys’ loafers lack laces and can have rough or smooth soles, and tend to be made of patent or buffed leather or man-made materials.

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