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Boys’ Sandals

First sign of sun and the sandals are on!

Beach trips, water parks, camping, playgrounds and hot summer days have something in common: They’re all better with sandals. Make sure your kids have the shoes they need for warmer days by shopping the collection of boys’ sandals at Zulily.

Let’s pack the kids’ bag for the shore

Are family shore trips a summer staple for you? There’s a lot to remember when packing up the family (don’t forget the swim trunks!), but the right pair of boys’ sandals for your kid is essential.

If your children are younger, you may want to consider sandals that have a strap around the heel so you don’t have to worry about them falling off as they run around. Look for boys’ sandals with self-fastening hook-and-loop closure straps and boys’ flip-flops with heel straps. These sandals work well as water shoes, too, if they are made of waterproof materials and secure enough to stay on in a water current.

If you visit a lake shore or rockier beach, look for sandals for your kids with thicker soles. Sandals with more rugged, traction soles are great for exploring the shore on rougher terrain.

Boys’ slides: wear with socks or no socks?

Slide sandals are beloved by all kids, especially those that play sports. With their single wide strap across the top of the foot, Boys’ slide sandals are easy to slip on and off. This makes them the ideal choice for after sports games when kids need something quick to throw on after taking off cleats or sneakers.

While the jury is still out on whether or not wearing slides with socks is “cool”, this combo comes in clutch for chilly nights and mornings. Kids’ slides also make for great around-the-house shoes for warmer months when slippers are a little too cozy. They are the ultimate wardrobe companion for your kids’ favorite pajamas or sports shorts.

We’re here for you through all the growth spurts, so we have sizes ranging from toddler boy sandals to big boy sandals.

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