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Boys' Sneakers

Step up their sneaker game with new kicks

Sneakers: your kids can’t get enough of them, you can’t get enough of great deals to keep up with your kids growing feet. Whether athletic, running, or tennis shoes, boys live in their sneakers every day. And from lounging around to recess there is a pair of kicks to suit every style. Slip-ons? Of course (with joggers for the always-on-the-go kids). Basketball? Obviously (high-tops, please). Dressy occasion? Definitely (go for leather sneakers).

No-tie sneakers, please!

If tying shoelaces isn’t the best for your boy, there’s tons of other easy-on, easy-off options for his sneakers.

  • Slip-on, step-in or zip-up sneakers styles are easier to put on all by themselves. Sneakers with accessible, alternative closures like hook and loop closures, twisting dials, stretchy shoelaces, pull tabs or toggles are much simpler for boys.
  • Billy footwear is known for their innovative zip closure design that also feature laces that tie.

They’ll feel so proud of themselves when they can put on their own socks and take care of their own shoes! Plus, it makes mornings a little easier for everyone.

Keeping their sneakers clean

Boys might be rough on their sneakers, but that’s okay. Sneakers are made to be durable. While we wait for the miracle cure to stop boys sneakers from smelling so bad, you can do a few things to keep their sneakers clean. Just wipe them clean with a damp cloth or gentle toothbrush. For white sneakers or soles, get rid of scuff marks with an eraser-style sponge. Many brands offer machine-washable sneakers, and some can even be put in the dryer – just be sure to double check the manufacturer’s information to be safe. If his sneakers aren’t machine washable and they smell, you can try to get the odor out by sprinkling baking soda inside or mix one cup of vinegar and one cup of water in a spray bottle then let dry before wearing.

Sneakers are always in style (and in stock) at Zulily