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Girls’ accessories to brave the cold weather with confidence

Our collection of girls’ gloves, hats and scarves are perfect for fall and winter and to help make sure she can stay outside longer, having fun. Why not treat her to a matching pom-pom hat and scarf set that you know she’ll love? Pair with playfully patterned rain boots to keep her feet protected from rain, mud and snow. For sunnier days, you’ll find a trendy bucket hat or baseball cap that will help her feel covered and cool. Shop the latest styles at Zulily for every season, from brands like Champion, MUK LUKS, OLLY, Grand Sierra, Disney, Mia Belle Girls and more.

What to look for in waterproof girls’ gloves?

Nylon and coated fabrics work well if you’re looking for waterproof or water-resistant gloves. It’s also a good idea to buy gloves that have the functionality to tighten them at the wrist with a snap or a button, or have an elastic cord to make sure water doesn’t get inside. Zulily offers plenty of waterproof girls’ gloves featuring ribbed-cuff details to keep the snow out.

How should girls’ beanies and knit hats fit?

It isn’t easy to keep a hat on a toddler, but the first step is making sure you have one that fits comfortably yet is tight enough so that it doesn’t fall off when she moves around. Bucket hats and snug girls’ beanie hats with side flaps are very effective. Consider choosing a hat with a strap that fastens under her chin to keep the hat in place. Be sure to look at the sizing guide on every product page to match their measurements.

How does one keep knit hats clean?

Generally, you can wash a girls’ beanie hat in warm water, but put it inside a laundry bag or pillowcase to prevent it from getting caught on other clothing and snagging. 

How do you size your kid for gloves?

Look for toddler and youth sizes, and when in doubt – size up! She can always grow into her gloves. However, you can measure the width of her palms and compare them to the measurements listed for her mittens or ski gloves. If you’re preparing her for the winter months, keep the length of gloves in mind! Depending on the sleeve length and construction of her fleece-lined puffer or other coat, she may prefer wrist-guard gloves with an extra piece of long fabric attached to the glove that tucks under the sleeve, to bridge the distance between her bare wrist and her coat-covered arm. 
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