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Girls’ Underwear

Your place for the annual underwear stock-up

Every year – and sometimes multiple times a year – the time comes to restock your kids’ underwear drawers. Whether they’ve grown out of their old undies (or some pairs just shouldn’t see the light of day again!) Zulily has the underthings for girls you need to get the situation back on track. 

OMG! Why are there so many types of underwear?

Underwear for girls comes in all shapes and sizes for little kids to big kids, and in all types of patterns and designs, so you can get pairs with their favorite Disney or Marvel characters on them or aim for something simpler.

Which underwear style is right for your kid?

Girls’ briefs are classic. Briefs have wider sides and a mid-rise to provide a good amount of coverage.

Bikini-style kids’ underwear is similar to a brief, but has a lower rise and slimmer coverage on their hips. These are more optimal for lower-rise pants and shorts.

Girls’ boyshorts underwear provides the most coverage and is often a great option if your kid is more active, since they will really stay in place.

Potty training underwear for transitioning out of diapers

Training pants can be disposable or washable. The washable kind typically feels like thick, comfy cotton underwear, but features an extra absorbent lining for leaks and oopsies. Washable training pants for girls make it so you can reuse them week to week, while also giving your kid the feel of real underwear. And with prints featuring some of their favorite characters, they’ll love to wear them, too.

Underwear for the first-timers club: Training bras and period underwear for girls

The day eventually comes when it’s time to get your kid their first bra or pair of period underwear. You may look at them nostalgically and wonder, “Can you please stop growing?” We understand. We’re here to help get what you need to handle these new and exciting firsts together. 

Period underwear for girls

Period underwear, from innovative brands like Thinx Teens, is great for when growing girls are first learning the ropes about tampons and pads. These specially designed underpants can help catch unwanted period leaks, as well as be a comfier, stand-alone option for days and nights during a lighter flow. And the best part? They’re washable! 

Training bras for girls

When looking for your child’s first training bra, aim for comfort. Stretch cotton bralette sets offer just enough support for when they start to develop, without adding any unnecessary extra structure. If you think your kid needs a little more support, look for a training bra set with extra stretch. To prepare them for sports practice and gym class, browse our collection of comfortable sports bras for girls to wear under athletic tops

Cozy and warm girls’ thermal underwear 

For folks living in chillier places or for those wanting to take some wintry vacations, there’s one more type of undergarment you need to know about: thermal underwear. Thermal underwear for girls provides a thin, warm layer that slips on under their regular coats. Available as tops and bottoms, thermal underwear can be made of fleece, cotton or other materials that help retain heat close to your kids’ bodies in cooler climates. Thermal underwear for toddlers, girls and tweens is essential for a successful family sledding sesh!

Girls underwear sizing made easy

Make sure to check a brand’s size chart for kids’ underwear while you shop. If a pair of underpants is too small, it can pinch and rub, making your child uncomfortable and restricting their movement. If it’s too big, it won’t stay in place and will move around or bunch up. Most underwear is sized according to weight and waist measurement.