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Maternity Clothing & Pregnancy Clothes

Must-have cute maternity clothes & gear for pregnancy & postpartum

Maternity clothing plays a vital role in ensuring your comfort and style during pregnancy and after your baby arrives (aka the "fourth trimester"). Find cute, versatile and functional pieces at Zulily. You’ll find an everyday assortment of maternity apparel and accessories from top brands such as Oh! Mama, Motherhood Maternity and Leading Lady.

Your maternity & postpartum wardrobe

As your body changes and your belly grows, you'll want to be prepared with clothes that fit and expand. Select from an everyday assortment of maternity apparel and accessories, including tops and bottoms, jeans with stretchy panels, leggings, sleep and nursing bras, bodysuits, belly bands, nightgowns, robes, skirts & dresses and even personalized outfits to fit your style. At Zulily, you’ll find comfortable and flexible finds, from casual, everyday looks to chic styles for formal events.

When to expect to wear maternity outfits

Knowing when to begin wearing maternity clothes can vary from person to person, but generally, most women start wearing maternity clothes around 12-16 weeks into their pregnancy. You can wear your regular clothes, whether you have a petite or plus size wardrobe, at first, and perhaps adjust them with waistline expanders until you need to transition into maternity clothing. You'll want to build a maternity wardrobe gradually, as the body changes throughout pregnancy. Toward the end of your pregnancy, you'll need to ensure you have nursing clothes and items ready, such as coverups, nursing bras and nursing tops, along with other things for your nursery.

How to get the right fit for maternity clothes 

Maternity clothes should provide fit, extra roominess and be supportive but not restricting, especially around the belly. Look for clothes made from soft and breathable fabrics that allow room for movement and flexibility. Avoid tight clothing that may be uncomfortable or binding. Keep in mind that after you deliver, you may need to continue wearing maternity wear for a few weeks (especially shoes!). Don’t rush the process and remember comfort and your health are most important.

At Zulily, it's easy to find maternity wear that fits your personal style — all at family-friendly prices