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Women’s Belts

How to style women’s belts 

Look buckled-up and put-together with a belt to complement every outfit. With price points ranging from $9.99 to $39.99, you’ll be able to stock up on these finishing touches for every look you put together. 

Classic belts are typically 1’’ to 1.75’’ wide. This width fits the best in jeans’ belt loops. Belts 1.25’’ or less have a more formal look that’s ideal for pairing with trousers and work pants.  

Don’t feel tied down to the classic fashion etiquette of matching your belt to your shoes or handbags. Navy shoes with a brown belt? Sure. Black shoes with a brown belt? Why not! White belt after Labor Day? Go for it! Black and navy belts often pair better with cooler hues, while brown belts complement warmer tones. 

There are also decorative belts that simply sit on top of your tops, tunics or dresses. Fashion belts help to highlight your shape in garments that have a looser fit. Add a gold or silver fashion belt to your waist for a boho look. Make a statement with a wider women’s stretch belt (think 2’’ wide or more) fashioned over an oversize button-up. Pair with some sleek faux leather leggings and your favorite boots or pumps.  

What size belt do you need? 

Is your favorite belt starting to crack and rip around the punch hole you secure it with? It might be time for a new belt. When shopping for belts, you will need your waist measurement. Take your waist measurement and add two inches. This is what size belt you should order. For example, if your waist measurement is 30’’, then your belt size or length should be 32. If you ever need to add a new punch hole to your belt so you can tighten or loosen it further, you can use household tools like a hammer and nail or drill to add a new punch hole. Most ladies’ stretch belts are made in one size and will stretch to fit most waist sizes. 

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