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Women's Body Jewelry

Accessorize with women's body jewelry, anklets & toe rings

Show off your spirited style with women's body jewelry. Try a few different styles – body jewelry doesn't always require permanent changes such as body piercings. Many options can embellish your body temporarily (and easily), such as adorable toe rings and beaded ankle bracelets, or magnetic, clip-on or tension-held lip and nose rings. 

Styling & sizing female body jewelry

Most body jewelry is designed from the same materials as standard jewelry (gold, silver, wood, bone and stone rings, earrings, necklaces, etc.) but are sized for less common parts of the body. 

Style anklets, body chains and toe rings as you would bracelets for your wrists, necklaces for your chest, or rings for your fingers. Toe rings tend to be simpler, with scaled-down gems, and can be worn on any toe that fits. Larger necklaces can drape nicely around your waist, and bigger cuff bracelets and arm bands can sometimes fit around your ankles, which are generally a bit larger than your wrists. 

A lot of women’s body jewelry looks great on exposed skin, and many people like to highlight and showcase their tattoos (temporary or permanent) with body jewelry. 

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