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Women’s Charms For Jewelry

Tell a story with jewelry charms 

Charm bracelets and necklaces are always in style; each charm tells a unique, personal story for the wearer. While some jewelry comes with dangling charms already attached, it’s even more fun to add your own. Mix and match charms on your bracelet or necklace for a personalized touch. Whether you’re looking for beaded, crystal, sterling silver, gold tone or Murano glass charms, there’s tons of ladies’ charms that suit your style. Charm bracelets can have as many charms as you’d like but beware that they may start making noise when you’re on the go, especially if you like dangly charms. Note: Bracelets and necklaces sold separately. 

When it’s time for gifting, think charms 

For a gift to your friends or family, pick a charm that suits their personal interests, a memory you share, or one with their birthstone. Charms may symbolize love, animals and pets, astrological signs, or good luck. One of the more popular charms is an evil eye charm, said to protect the wearer from evil. Think about what they are into and look for a charm that will speak to them. Do they already have a charm bracelet? Look for charms in the same color metal as their existing bracelet. 

Zulily’s collection of charms are sure to delight you at prices so good you can buy more than one