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Women's Gloves & Mittens

Get your hands on our mittens & gloves for women 

From touch-screen gloves and fingerless gloves to fleece-lined and insulated to ski gloves and supple leather women’s dress gloves, Zulily’s selection of gloves on sale from brands like Canada Weather Gear and C.C. will match every outfit and activity. You can even get a matching headband and mittens with your favorite team’s logo.

Gloves for work & play

If you're into winter adventures, like skiing or snowboarding (or just need to shovel the sidewalk) insulated or fleece-lined ladies' gloves and mittens will do the trick. Smart gals keep a pair of sturdy moisture-resistant suede or waterproof leather gloves in their car's glovebox or their totes for cold morning commutes – or just to complete a look. 

Tech & touch

These days, you'll want gloves that are touch-screen friendly, to use when typing and clicking on your devices and keypads, or you might prefer convertible or fingerless gloves, to add warmth without any restriction to functionality. 

Size them up

Men's and women's gloves are generally the same size in scale, but they may have a few differences. Many men have wider palms and shorter, broader fingers, so some gloves for men will reflect those different dimensions. However, any gloves and mittens can work if they fit you comfortably. Women's leather gloves and mittens made from softer materials can fit snugly, especially if they're thinner and pliable. Heavier fabrics and multiple layers of materials are used for thick work gloves or ski gloves, so you'll want to check for finger flexibility and freedom of movement. Zulily offers gloves for women in sizes XS through XXL.

How to care for your gloves & mittens

Most ladies' knit gloves are washable by hand, and some can go in the washing machine and even in the dryer (check manufacturer’s labels). However, suede and leather can’t go in the washing machine need special care and upkeep, and many wool, cashmere and cotton items can shrink or pill. Elegant and delicate gloves need to be handled gently. Be sure to let gloves and mittens dry thoroughly before storing them away. 

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