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Pick your new favorite purse for every day

Selecting an everyday bag is an extremely personal choice. It needs to have the right silhouette and material for your lifestyle, the right number of pockets, and straps or handles that suit your needs. Many bags feature details like iconic quilted or monogram-style patterns and bold logo hardware. At Zulily, you can find affordable bags as low as $20 and designer purses under $500 (or more, if you're looking for something fancy). When it comes to scoring sought-after designer handbags for sale, you’ll find the brands you know and love. Rest assured, Zulily only sells legit, authentic designer bags. 

Find the right bag size and style for you

  • A tote bag features a rectangular shape with two long shoulder straps. It’s the ultimate mom bag, or for work or travel. A tote bag should hang against your side and torso and shouldn’t feel too heavy with your stuff in it. 
  • Featuring a long strap that goes across your chest, a hands-free crossbody bag should hang between your waist and hips, depending on your preference. Look for an adjustable strap for customization.
  • Satchels can be any shape or size and usually feature more than two straps to be carried in multiple ways. 
  • A hobo shoulder bag features a single strap that can be slung over the shoulder and hangs under the arm above the waist. 
  • As the implies, a bucket bag is shaped like a bucket with a rounded base. It typically features a single shoulder strap and drawstring closure. 
  • A belt bag (or fanny pack) can be worn around your waist or slung across your chest for a more modern look. 
  • A clutch bag is usually used for special occasions or parties with no strap. Your purse and shoes don’t necessarily need to match; it’s all about your personal style.
  • Backpack purses are fashion statements as much as they are functional. 
  • Novelty bags feature funny shapes and whimsical designs like lips, pineapples, or Radley London’s Scottie dog bags. 

Keep your purse organized and clean

Save yourself the annoyance of sifting through your purse by organizing all the things you carry in small accessories, coin purses, and a wallet. The inside of your purse will stay cleaner, and you won’t hold up the checkout line digging for your credit card in a bottomless pit. Don’t put makeup, liquids, or pens into your handbag without storing them in a separate container to keep your bag clean; even a plastic zip-top bag will do! 

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