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Get into the intimate details of your life

The importance of good, comfortable underwear and underpinnings can’t be overstated – and we’ve got the ideal lingerie and shapewear to help make you feel and look stunning in your outfits. Classic T-shirt bras for under your favorite tops and breathable cotton bikini briefs or boy shorts are reliable, everyday must-haves, while strapless, backless and convertible bras can accommodate even the most daring special-occasion outfits. Sleek shapewear sets from brands like Spanks and Yummie help eliminate pesky panty lines and create a smooth, confidence-boosting silhouette. Choose delicate lace or silky satin matching lingerie sets for a more mature, sensual base beneath your clothes.

Once you’ve found your favorite new bra, teddy, camisole, pick out a thong or pair of panties to go with it. Don’t forget a super soft robe or easy-on button-up pajamas set to wear over your women’s intimates while you’re getting ready for a night on the town or winding down at home after a date night.

Stock your Underwear drawer

Frustrated when you can only buy one pair of your favorite underwear at a time? Zulily also offers unique affordable sets of 3-6 panties or 2-6 bras, all at a great price and in a wide range of sizes from petite intimates to extended sizes.

How to care for your intimate apparel and delicates

Taking care of your intimates ensure that they will last as long as possible. Remember intimates care extends beyond the washer; how you’re drying and storing your lingerie is just as important as how you’re washing it. We recommend handwashing lingerie with cool water and a delicate soap that is specifically formulated for lingerie and delicates. If you don’t have time to handwash, you can machine wash — but be sure to wash on a delicate cycle. Always separate your bras from your panties and separate mesh bags to keep them from snagging or getting caught on each other in the wash. Machine washing can be rough on your undergarments, so it’s recommended to check the garment’s care tags before washing as some fabrics, like silk, need to be hand washed.

It's best for women’s intimates to avoid the dryer as the heat can break down elastic in your bras and underwear, ruin your bra cup, damage hooks and stretch fabric. The best ways to dry your bras, underwear and lingerie are to lay them down flat on a towel or a rack or lay them over a hanger or use an overhead hanger with multiple clips to dry.

Note: Generally, our collection of intimate apparel items are not eligible for return. To determine return eligibility, check the item’s product details page, Zulily's return policy or your My Orders page.

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