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Women’s Handbag Accessories: Credit Card Holders & Keychains

Women’s small accessories to help organize your purse

Every time you go to check out at the grocery store, does it seem like a blackhole inside your purse swallowed your credit card? Having the right handbag accessories can help make your items more accessible. Find chic ID wallets and credit card holders for women at Zulily to store your important cards. Keeping your cards in a separate holder inside your purse will help you find what you’re looking for instantly. Some credit card holders have an attached keychain so you can clip them onto an interior pocket and make them even more accessible. When traveling out of the country, passport holders can keep all your valuables in the same place. Lip balm always getting lost? Put it in a lip balm holder and clip it to your purse pocket or strap. Put the finishing touches on your purse re-org with a makeup pouch and eyeglass holder to save your sunnies from scratches.  

Trying to downsize your purse? Try a wristlet!

Wristlets are the tiny houses of purses — they’re the small, compact versions of handbags that allow you to keep just the essentials on your person. Women’s wristlets are ideal for weddings and other events where you only need your credit card, phone, and some lipstick. You can wear them on your wrist so they don’t cover up your outfit like crossbody bags or larger shoulder bags do. Wristlets can also be used as card or passport holders for inside larger handbags to make your valuables easier to find. 

How to accessorize your bag 

Express your personal style further by accessorizing your handbag with women’s keychains and more. Make your bag sparkle with a rhinestone charm keychain or add a more eclectic touch with a faux leather tassel keychain. If you have a purse with a more neutral color, tie on a boldly patterned scarf to add a pop of color. Make your keys and wallets easier to hold onto while also looking chic with a wallet bangle or bracelet keychain. 

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