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Women's Sunglasses, Readers & Blue Light Glasses

Frame your face beautifully with stylish eyewear

Zulily's wide range of classic and stylish ladies’ sunglasses, readers and blue light glasses for women that is both fun and functional, whether you’re looking to see things a little more clearly or get a few pairs of shades for your next vacation. Oval and heart-shaped faces can wear most any frame contour, while square-ish faces look better with rounded edges – and rounder faces look better with squared-off frames. Keep a few pairs in different designs to go with casual or dressy looks

Sunglasses for any occasion

Zulily’s sunglass selection is eye-popping, including aviators (with metal frames), oversized, flat-top, square, pentagon, cat-eye, round, rectangular or oval shapes, rimless, and athletic versions with wrap frames. And when it comes to frames, you’ll find a variety of solid color frames, tortoiseshell, ombre, multi-colored, metallic and more. They come in a range of sun protection, polarized or nonpolarized lenses, as well as various lens colors. Plus, you’ll find everyday deals on your favorite brands, such as Jessica Simpson, Steve Madden, Betsey Johnson, AJ Morgan, Color in Optics, DKNY, Calvin Klein. Protect yourself from UV light, reduce glare and keep dust and debris out of your eyes, all while looking cool. With a colorful scarf or fabulous jacket, you have a look for the ages.

Great deals on stylish women's reading glasses

If you’re finding the fine print a little too fine, grab yourself a pair of super stylish readers, available at Zulily in a wide variety of magnifications, from 1.00 (lightest) to 2.25 (strongest). Blue light reading glasses can reduce eye strain from absorbing the blue light emanating from computer screens, to prevent disturbance of your sleep cycles and circadian rhythms. Some women's reading glasses come in sets of multiples, since it's helpful to keep a few around the house, at work, in purses and cars. 

The difference between men's and women's eyewear

Men's eyeglass frames are generally square or rectangular and are made with a longer bridge for wider foreheads, broader faces and higher, longer noses. Women's eyeglass frames have a shorter bridge and sometimes smaller frames. Many styles of glasses are unisex these days, as a more genderless look is in. Glasses should hug your head and rest comfortably on your face, offering an unobstructed view. Most can be adjusted by tightening their tiny screws. Take a look at our eyeglass sizing chart for reference

Make a bold statement with new sunglasses, readers and eyewear from Zulily