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Women’s Wallets & Coin Purses

Find the right wallet for your needs

Wallets come in a variety of sizes and styles, from a wristlet wallet to a women’s bifold wallet. When you’re looking for a wallet on Zulily, it’s important to know what to look for. Your wallet should make your life easier and help keep you more organized with a spot for all your cards, cash, coins, receipts, and anything else you need to shove in there. While there is a lot to consider — design, functionality, materials, durability — you won’t have any trouble with finding a great deal.

Keep your wallet organized 

Do a wallet audit once or twice a year to make sure you’re only carrying what you really need. Are your cards expired? Ditch them. Are you carrying around scraps of receipts? Punch cards for coffee shops you never visit? Ask for no receipts instead. Do you really need to carry all those rocks your kid collects? If your small wallet is overflowing with cards, consider getting a larger zipper wallet or a credit card holder. If you have tons of coins floating around your bag, consider getting a women’s bifold wallet with a coin pocket— or a separate coin purse. 

Once you do an inventory of the cards you usually carry, make sure you’re looking for a wallet with the right amount of card slots. For example, if you usually carry 20 cards, a small bifold wallet with 4 slots won’t do the job for you; a bi-fold zipper wallet with a zip-around design and tons of card slots might work better. Look for a leather women’s wallet with a transparent ID slot for a bonus feature. Zippers too much of a hassle? Look for a bi-fold wallet with a snap closure and a coin pocket on the outside. Your wallet should work for you, not against you. Also, there’s no need to match your wallet to your handbag, unless that’s your vibe.

Shop for a wallet and a coin purse that won’t break the bank at Zulily