Compare at:

Some of our vendors provide merchandise to Zulily that is not widely sold elsewhere or that is exclusive to Zulily. For items in this category that are similar — but not identical — to products sold through other retailers, we use the phrase “Compare at” next to the strike-through to indicate your savings. This “Compare at” price represents the vendor’s estimated original retail value of a comparable item of the same quality, construction and material offered elsewhere. While pricing is not an exact science, our Zulily team has years of retail experience and partners with our vendors to determine whether an item is comparable based on the type and quality of the material, and the construction of the item. Ultimately, our “Compare at” price is an estimate of the original retail price of comparable items. We always strive to provide you with the best prices on the items we sell, but we encourage you to do your own comparison shopping as well.


We also may sell products together as a set. If the set of products are widely sold elsewhere individually, the strike-through price displayed for the set is based on the sum of the individual suggested retail price for the products provided to Zulily by our vendor or the price advertised by another retailer for the same items or styles (which may include a different color or pattern). The strike-through price is not a price at which Zulily previously sold the product. Because we sell our products over the Internet nationwide and internationally, the strike-through price may or may not represent the prevailing price at any particular time or in every location, and we make no promises about the reliability or accuracy of any such information. Nothing can replace your own comparison shopping, and notwithstanding the strike-through price information provided, if this is an important factor for you in your purchasing decision, we recommend you conduct your own individual research as well.

If the set of products are not widely sold elsewhere as a set or are exclusive to Zulily, the strike-through price is an estimate of the original retail price of a comparable set of products. See first paragraph above for more details on this process.