Free Shipping Details

When you place an order with paid shipping, it opens a window of free shipping on additional orders for the rest of the day. Once you've paid that first shipping charge, we'll try to consolidate subsequent purchases into a single shipment, and we'll give you the lowest-priced shipping option for all items ordered by 11:59pm pt that same day.

Here's how we're able to provide you with free shipping. When you order multiple items or place multiple orders during your free shipping window, we try to consolidate your items into a single shipment. This means we’ll wait until the last item arrives at our warehouse to send out your entire shipment. If items have different ship-out dates, the estimated ship-out date for all of your items will match that of the item with the latest estimated ship-out date. It's one of the key ways we're able to offer you such great deals.

Of course, we have a few exceptions and legal details to cover.