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Schiffer Publishing | An Illuminated Guide to Wicca: A Complete Visual Manual Hardcover

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Product Description:

Solstices and Equinoxes, Wands and Chalices, Enchantments and Spells, the World of the Wiccan awaits you in this lavishly illustrated guide all things Witchy. Learn the facts about Wiccan beliefs, tenets, and how-tos, while gazing at beautiful drawings to awaken and inspire the magic within you. Have you always wanted to learn more about Wicca but didn't know where to start?

Start learning today with this beautiful, amply illustrated book that almost comes alive with images in an illuminated manuscript style and touches on topics including "Some Wiccan Beliefs," "The Wheel of the Year," and "Ritual Construction." Each lesson builds on the last as you explore this fascinating tradition through its history, the classical elements with directional and seasonal correspondences, consecrating of tools, and much more. Celtic knots embellish each page as the images and symbols become embedded within for deep, rich learning.

  • 6'' W x 9'' H x 1'' D
  • Written by Helena Domenic-Wills
  • 152 pages