Skyhorse Publishing | Calm Workbook: A Kid’s Activity Book Paperback

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Product Description:

Use The Calm Workbook to step out of your comfort zone with gentle, step-by-step, confidence-boosting challenges and positive self-talk via activities and exercises. Feeling anxious, upset, or angry isn’t fun, but it’s something we all experience from time to time. Let the soothing suggestions in this book help you find the best ways to feel calm and ready to deal with any challenges that come your way. The Calm Workbook will teach you how to chill out and power down, offering creative ways to find focus, ease upsets and soothe worries mindfully. Learn how to center yourself before you react with these creative and easy-to-follow activities and top tips. Parents: This book has been peer reviewed by a child psychologist, who has left notes throughout just in case your child has questions about the activities provided.

  • The Calm Workbook: A Kid's Activity Book for Relaxation and Mindfulness
  • 6.5'' W x 9.3'' H x 0.5'' D
  • Written by Imogen Harrison
  • Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
  • 128 pages
  • Recommended for ages 8 to 12 years
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