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Product Description:

Over 7 billion people live on the earth and 84 percent of them describe themselves as being religious. Few topics incite such passion as religion. What does that mean? Why are humans invested in ideas that may never be proved? Why has religion played such an important role in history?

In Comparative Religion: Investigate the World through Religious Tradition, readers seek answers to these questions by comparing and contrasting the cultural, spiritual and geographical underpinnings of five different religions. By developing a better understanding of the similarities and differences among religions of the world, readers gain a strong foothold in a dialogue that has continued for thousands of years.

Combining hands-on activities with theology, history, geography, world cultures, art and architecture, Comparative Religion encourages deeper understanding of the world’s religions. Entertaining graphic art, fascinating sidebars and links to primary sources bring the topic to life, while key questions reaffirm foundational concepts.

  • 8'' W x 10'' H
  • Publisher: Baker & Taylor
  • 128 pages
  • Recommended for ages 12 to 15 years