doTERRA | Emotional Aromatherapy Essential Oil Kit

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Product Description:

Liven up yourself and your space with the alluring aromas of this collection of essential oil blends designed to support emotions.

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  • Includes one 5mL essential oil bottle each of Motivate, Cheer, Passion, Forgive, Console and Peace essential oil blends, one presentation box and one Emotional Aromatherapy System Wheel (eight pieces total)
  • Ingredients (Motivate): fractionated coconut oil, peppermint plant, clementine peel, coriander seed, basil herb, yuzu peel, melissa leaf, rosemary leaf, vanilla bean absolute
  • Ingredients (Cheer): wild orange peel, clove bud, star anise fruit/seed, lemon myrtle leaf, nutmeg kernel, vanilla bean extract, ginger rhizome, cinnamon bark, zdravetz herb essential oils
  • Ingredients (Passion): fractionated coconut oil, cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, ginger rhizome, clove bud, sandalwood wood, jasmine flower absolute, vanilla bean absolute, damiana leaf
  • Ingredients (Forgive): spruce leaf, bergamot peel, juniper berry fruit, myrrh resin, arborvitae wood, nootka tree wood, thyme leaf, citronella herb
  • Ingredients (Console): frankincense resin, patchouli leaf, ylang ylang flower, labdanum stem/twig, amyris bark, sandalwood wood, rose flower, osmanthus flower
  • Ingredients (Peace): fractionated coconut oil, vetiver root, lavender plant, ylang ylang flower, frankincense resin, clary sage flower/leaf, marjoram leaf, labdanum leaf/stalk, spearmint herb