Penguin | Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo Paperback Set

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Product Description:

Katie Carew (nicknamed Katie Kazoo by the class bully) always wished that she could be anyone but herself. Now her wish has come true—and she keeps turning into other people! In this set of five Katie Kazoo stories, Katie finds her new powers get her into sticky situations, from getting lost in the woods and making friends with a new girl, to having to make dozens of pizzas, all on her own! Maybe it was easier when Katie was just herself, after all!


  • Includes Get Lost!; Drat! You Copycat; Doggone It!; Any Way You Slice It; and Quiet on the Set!
  • Written by Nancy Krulik
  • Series: Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • Paperback / 80 pages each
  • Recommended for ages 7 to11 years