Schiffer Publishing | Pittsburgh: A Renaissance City

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Product Description:

Discover Pittsburgh's historic sites, modern downtown, famous rivers, recreation and arts. Witness the city's progression from an outpost and battleground in the colonial war for the control of North America to one of the nation's most important industrial cities. Going through several periods of growth and decline, then a renaissance period, Pittsburgh today is one of the nation's most culturally and economically advanced cities. Once serving as a gateway to the American frontier, Pittsburgh today serves on the frontier of technology, with a strong emphasis on green environmental design, education and medicine. It is a city others try to emulate and where young professionals find new opportunities. You will discover why Pittsburgh is often rated as one of the World's Most Livable Cities. This is a book you will want to treasure as a keepsake or give to a family member, friend or business associate.

  • 9.13'' W x 8.13'' H
  • Written by Michael P. Gadomski
  • Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
  • 112 pages