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From Wiccan author Arin Murphy-Hiscock comes this fantastic guide to spiritual self-care with a witchy bent. The Witchs Guide to Self-Care contains recipes for products and spells for self-restoration. Bustle self-care and magic-work together in this guide that may help you become the best version of yourself. You'll learn how to nourish your body and spirit with herbal remedies, spells and rituals inspired by witchcraft in this unique, enchanted guide to self-care. Self-care is a necessity for any modern woman. The goals of self-care are simple: healthy mind, healthy body, healthy spirit. This book helps you prioritize yourself with a little help from the magic of witchcraft. The Witch's Book of Self-Care has advice for pampering your mind, body and spirit with spells, meditations, mantras, and powerful activities to help you to keep healthy, soothe stress, relinquish sadness, channel joy and embrace your strength. This book features magical self-care remedies such as a ritual to release guilt, green space meditation, DIY body butter and much more. The Witch's Book of Self-Care shows you how easy it is to connect to the earth, harness your personal power and add a little magic to your everyday life for a better you.

  • 5.5'' W x 7.5'' H
  • Full graphic text: The Witch's Book of Self-Care. Magical Ways to Pamper Sooth and Care for Your Body and Spirit.
  • Written by Arin Murphy-Hiscock
  • 224 pages