Shipping & Handling

Non-expedited delivery to US addresses (including APO/FPO/DPO addresses and PO boxes) for most items ranges from $6.99 to $10.95 per order. We calculate the total based on the type and number of items you order. The shipping and handling fee includes labor and material costs, packaging and processing fees, and it may exceed the actual cost paid by Zulily to its carrier to send the item(s) to you. Sales tax may be assessed on the shipping charge in certain states, where applicable.

Surcharges & Exclusions
For each piece of furniture you order, we charge a shipping fee between $5.95 and $24.95. This is in addition to the non-expedited shipping charges for non-furniture items in the same order.

Heavy or bulky items (strollers, rugs, bedding and the like) may incur additional delivery surcharges, as can deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii or US territories.

If your order contains items that can ship out from our warehouse in 1-3 days, you'll get options to ship those out sooner and to expedite delivery of those items for an additional fee. If you don't see the option to split your shipment or expedite your items in your basket, these options aren't available for your chosen shipping address.