Our Shipping is Different

If you can wait a little while, you can save a bundle

Here's how it works:

box illustration

We place one big order after a sale ends

arrow illustration

Brands ship your items to our warehouse

warehouse illustration

We wait & group items together if we can

delivery vehicle illustration

Once ready, we ship them from our warehouse

house with delivered package

Then we deliver the items to you

Most items ship from brand partners to our warehouse first, and then ship from our warehouse to you. This takes a little more time, but allows us to save money and pass the savings onto you.

Some items are already in our warehouse, and don't have to wait to start their journey home to you.

Some items don't ship to our warehouse at all — they just ship directly from the brand partner to you. We'll let you know when this is the case at checkout.

Occasionally, an item may take more time to ship to Zulily's warehouse or directly to your doorstep. This typically applies to items shipping from an international brand partner or vendor.


When will my order be delivered?

Delivery times vary, and depend on a couple things:

  • Where the item is shipping from
  • Whether the item starts its journey from our warehouse or our brand partner's

Because our items ship from so many places, we offer estimates for when an item ships out from our warehouse, vs. when it will be delivered to you.

Look in checkout for your order's estimated ship-out date. We'll email you if your package is going to ship out more than 3 days outside our estimate.

Does Zulily offer free shipping?

Yes, Zulily typically offers free shipping on successive orders within a designated window of time. Usually, the free shipping window lasts until 11:59pm PT of the same calendar day that you place a first order with paid shipping. Zulily may also extend its weekend free shipping window to include holidays.

Here's how it works: if you pay for shipping on your first order, then subsequent orders receive the lowest-priced shipping option for free.

All orders must be made using the same Zulily account and must be shipped to the same name and address. Some items aren't eligible for free shipping & handling and are excluded from all shipping & handling promotions. These will be noted at checkout.

What are Zulily's shipping options?

For orders shipping to addresses outside the US, Zulily offers one shipping option.

Items ship when ready: We wait until all items in your order arrive in our warehouse before shipping them out to you. And whenever possible, we consolidate them in the same shipment. When might that happen? If you order items shipping from our brand partners along with items that are already in our warehouse, we may group your items together. This means you could expect your items to ship out together after we've received the single item that needs the most time to ship.

  • Our lowest-priced shipping option
  • May use fewer boxes
  • Applies to orders placed during free shipping windows. Example: If you place one order on Friday during your free shipping window that can ship out from the warehouse in 5 days and another order on Sunday that can also ship out from the warehouse in 5 days, you should expect your order to ship out from the warehouse with both items on the following Friday (5 days after the second order)
Can I speed my order up?

At this time, Zulily does not offer expedited shipping options for products shipping to or from an international location.

Can I ship internationally?

Yes! For a list of countries Zulily ships to, click here.

What are Zulily's shipping fees?

You can find information about our shipping & handling fees here.

Does Zulily charge additional fees for certain items?

The following items may incur additional delivery fees in addition to Zulily's standard delivery fees:

  • Items that are heavy or bulky (strollers, rugs, bedding, etc.)
  • Items shipped directly from our brand partners to you