Single Item Shipping Details

This time frame is our expectation based on most of our orders. Depending on the vendor, product, or your location, your order may ship from our warehouses before or after this time frame. We’ll email you if your package is going to ship more than 2 days outside of our estimate. Depending on where you live, products typically arrive 3-7 days after leaving our warehouse. Updated shipping details can also be found on your My Orders page.

Items that are heavy or bulky (strollers, rugs, bedding, etc) and items shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and APO/FPO/DPO addresses may incur delivery surcharges in addition to standard delivery fees.

zulily shopping credit cannot be used to pay for shipping fees.

Shipping Details for Multiple Items or Multiple Orders

Grouping items together before we ship them is one way we’re able to offer such great deals. However, this may impact your estimated ship time. We group items that are:

How we ship

We work with thousands of brands to offer unique items at a great value. Our partners hold inventory for us until our customers order. Working this way helps keep prices low — we pass the value to you.

we search far & wide for great deals
you find a favorite & order it
our partner sends it to us
we ship it to you
(delivery time varies)